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There is something so incredible about being in the presence of a living legend commanding the stage with quality and sass, especially in recent times where we have lost some of the greats, including Prince, George Michael and David Bowie.Celine appeared on the stage apparently from nowhere as she sang the first lines of Power Of Your Love.She emerged from the dark in a glittery blazer gracing us with her signature fist pump much earlier in the night than we expected. What is a Celine performance without the fist pumps, arms stretched out wide, neck wiggles and leg shakes?Like most legends, Celine is easily identifiable, unique and mesmerising.We didn’t take anything for granted in terms of, “What am I deserving of because I’ve had a successful movie career?” Am I deserving of people to come out and enjoy me as a musician? I thought they should come if they want to come and if they don’t like it, don’t listen.

On one of our records, I wrote a string chart, but I think overall, my songwriting style is pretty independent of my compositional style. It’s so funny, when Kevin and I do these interviews, we learn a lot about each other. I think a lot of the difference between us has actually worked out very well for the band, because you see these very, very different brothers and you also see a strong musical connection.

If people can learn one thing from hearing Celine Dion sing live it is that her vocal ability can easily be considered the eighth wonder of the world.

Scientists can stop looking now, it was found in the O2 Arena last night.

The Titanic did not sink again and I am obviously not locked up in Las Vegas for the rest of my life.

In fact, I am exactly where I want to be.’ After joking that she is more British ‘than mashed potatoes’, Ms Celine gushed over some of her favourite British artists by singing Adele’s Hello, the only way she should – the Celine way. As the audience sang Think Twice, word for word, something genuinely shifted in the atmosphere and by the time we got to the famous ‘no no no’ ad lib, every vocal chord in the arena was adequately warmed up enough to attempt to out-sing Celine. During the ‘most difficult time’ of her life grieving the loss of her husband Rene Angelil, Pink wrote the singer a song called Recovering, which she hoped would ‘bring comfort to you in the same way it comforted me’.

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