Devotions for newly dating couples

That is an important reason to choose wisely before we wed and to build upon a strong moral center in our relationship after we are joined.

Great businesses don’t collapse overnight through some minor accounting error; their foundations slowly erode as leaders make each other complicit in deceptive schemes. While we can win for a while as we help each other cheat on the truth, in the long run we build a kingdom of facades in which we can neither trust our partner’s face nor clearly see our own.

Consider a night out at a local dance club to practice your newly learned steps.

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While individual identities shouldn’t be crushed as “two become one,” it is also true that we cannot remain isolated or independent from one another.But in the fusing that takes place, both good and bad things can happen.When we share our lives well, we can strengthen our mate’s resolve, nurture our spouse’s well-being and encourage each other’s gifts.You may easily cancel your subscription at any time.Sign up for an introductory dance class and pretend you’re contestants on Dancing with the Stars.

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